All you need for Christmas – under one roof

There is still time left to order your Christmas poultry.
Turkey, Duck, Large chicken, Goose, Partridge, Pheasant

we have been busy making our own sausage meat (ready for stuffing), cocktail sausages, chipolatas

The butchers will freshly prepare your beef, lamb, pork and venison to meet your needs.

We also have all the trimmings for your wonderful Christmas dinner – fresh vegetables: sprouts, carrots, cabbage, parsnips, cauliflower, potatoes, swede….

Delicious cranberry sauces, stuffing, chestnuts, chutney

A selection of welsh, local cheese and crackers for afters – yummy chocolates too and of course a wonderful choice of welsh wine, cider, beers and ales.

Whilst you are getting your dinner sorted you can also pick up some lovely gifts or a decoration for your tree – non-drop needle Christmas trees for sale

Spoilt for choice – make Christmas easy this year – visit your local farm shop and get all you need under one roof 🙂


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