RESTipe – spoil your mum this weekend


Spoil a special lady in your life this weekend

Wake up in the morning and treat your mum with a Welsh brew tea, coffee or hot chocolate.
Make her some yummy porridge or toast with pure Welsh Honey drizzled on.

Then for the most important part of the day…. Start cooking the dinner while she sits back, puts her feet up and relaxes.

Pick up your leg of lamb, on the bone or boned and rolled from your local farm shop

leg of lamb. Welsh Brew Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate. Pure Welsh Honey. NomNom Welsh Chocolate. Welsh Lady Mint Sauce

Leg of lamb. Welsh Brew Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate. Pure Welsh Honey. NomNom Welsh Chocolate Welsh Lady Mint Sauce



Leg of lamb
2large cloves of garlic
Fresh rosemary
Salt & pepper

How to cook….. Welsh venison centre style

  • Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.
  • Crush the garlic cloves and finely chop rosemary.
  • Sprinkle over the lamb and add salt and pepper
  • Place the lamb in a roasting tin, cover loosely with foil and place in the preheated oven
  • remove the foil after 30 minutes and leave in over for 50-60 minutes
  • Make the gravy
  • Slice the lamb, pour over the gravy and serve with some fresh vegetables.
  • Add some fresh rosemary and a tea spoon of Welsh lady mint sauce
  • Enjoy 🙂

Don’t forget – flowers for middle of table and some delicious NomNom Welsh Chocolate for afters




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